Collision Repair Seattle

Collision repair specialists here now, pleased to help you.

If you are looking for collision repair in Seattle, make sure to contact us here at Stetner Auto Body. We understand that a collision can affect many things in your vehicle which can keep it from looking and running right. Our job is to make your vehicle look and feel brand new again as if the collision never took place.

When two cars hit each other, scratches, paint transfer, as well as metal denting and tearing can happen. Most people look at a collision and wonder how their car will ever look like it did before the accident. This is where Stetner Auto Body comes into the picture. Our trained technicians have years of experience under their belts as we have been repairing cars in the Seattle area for many years. No job is too big as we pride ourselves in our attention to detail to be able to get your car back in ship shape.

Not only do we repair the auto body of a car, but we also replace damaged parts as well as perform frame repair. In many instances, the frame can be damaged when a

collision occurs. Our technicians will be able to strengthen and straighten out a damaged frame in order to restore the safety that is needed to keep the passengers in the vehicle safe. As you can see, when it comes to collision repair in Seattle, nobody beats the high quality services offered here at Stetner Auto Body. Contact us today for all of your collision repair needs.