Auto Body Repair University

University residents have come to know our auto body repair abilities.

If you have need for auto body repair in Univeristy, than you need to contact the experts here at Stetner Auto Body. We understand that when a vehicle gets in an accident, many more things than just the auto body can be damaged. We make it our priority to go over your entire vehicle to make sure that any damaged part or component is either replaced or repaired before we work on the auto body. We have a team of trained technicians that assess and repair frames to ensure that your vehicle is up to code as far as safety is concerned. No matter how severe the accident, our frame straightening crew can get the job done as we have the facilities and the equipment needed to do so.

When it comes to auto body repair, nobody does a better job for the price than Stetner Auto Body. We take pride in the high quality work that we do as we strive to make your vehicle look like an accident never occurred. We are able to do this as all of our technicians are I-Car certified which means that they learn the most state of the art ways to repair cosmetic auto body damage to make it look brand new again.

As you can see, nobody does it better than Stetner Auto Body when it comes to auto body repairs. If you are looking for auto body repair University services, contact us today!