Auto Body Repair Shoreline

Shoreline Residents can trust our Auto Body Repair business

When a car gets wrecked, there are usually more things wrong with it than just the auto body that has been damaged. Frame damage and other types of damage can incur that also needs to be repaired in order to keep your car running at an optimal level. If you are in need of auto body repair in Shoreline, Stetner Auto Body has got you covered.

Here at Stetner Auto Body, we make it a point to give your damaged vehicle a full inspection. This full inspection is performed by our I-Certified technicians who know the workings of your vehicle inside and out. This knowledge goes a long way as they will be able to determine current and potential problems and fix them, to ensure that you get a car that drives and feels like it did before the wreck.

Auto body repair is an art as there are many different component involved to eventually produce a perfect undamaged look. We have years of experience in the industry and can make any wrecked car look new again. No job is too large or too small as we can handle any auto body repair job that is thrown our way. We offer high quality services at extremely low affordable prices. This means that you can get the auto body repair in Shoreline that you deserve without having to break the bank. Contact us today for all of your auto body needs.