Auto Body Repair Seattle

Auto Body Repair specialists located right here in Seattle

If you are looking for auto body repair in Seattle, look no further than Stetner Auto Body. Here at Stetner Auto Body, we have been making cars look brand new in the Seattle area for several years. Our high quality services has made us one of the best auto body repair shops in the area.

When a car gets wrecked, more than just the body gets damaged. Too many auto body shops make a care look new, but don’t fully inspect the car to make sure everything has been fixed such as the fram and other engine components. Here at Stetner Auto Body, our I-Certified technicians do a complete inspection to be able to know what needs to be repaired inside the vehicle before the auto body is fixed. This ensures that when you get your car back from us, it will feel and drive like the car you had before the wreck happened.

No repair job is too big as we have certified technicians that are trained in state of the art repair techniques. We also have on-site welders, and hydraulic presses to be able to take care of any type of job that needs to be done. We also take special care of your vehicle as we have our detailing department clean the vehicle inside and out so you can get a perfect finished vehicle when fully repaired. Contact us today for all of your auto body repair Seattle needs.