Here we offer a list of what to do immediately after an accident. The minutes following a collision can be very stressful, so it’s wise to have a guide on hand to remind you what to do. We encourage you to keep a copy of this list in your glove compartment. It will help you react properly and gather all the information you’ll need later. So we’ve provided PDF versions of this list and a form for collecting the accident information in steps 4 and 5 below.

Or we would be happy to send you an Accident Information Kit free of charge. Just call us at 206-362-8870 or email us at to request a kit.

What to Do If You Are Involved In An Accident
First of all, don’t feel like you’re the only person who’s day has taken such an unfortunate turn. There are some 24 million auto accidents a year. Each one is inconvenient for everybody involved, but following a few simple steps will keep your inconvenience to a minimum.

1. Stop immediately, but do not obstruct traffic if you are able to move your vehicle. Be very careful of traffic when you exit your car.

2. Keep calm. You’ll need a clear head to handle the situation and gather all the information that you’ll need later.

3. Assist the injured and have someone call the police. After 5 minutes check to be sure that the police were called.

4. Make note of the following:

  1. time of day, location of the accident and current weather and road conditions
  2. all names, addresses, and drivers license numbers of involved parties, including drivers, passengers and injured persons
  3. the make, model, color and license number of all vehicles involved
  4. the names and contact information for witnesses

5. Make a rough drawing of the scene, showing the position of cars, direction that each vehicle was traveling and other details. If you have a camera (or a phone-cam) take pictures of the scene and the damage to each car.

6. Remain calm, courteous and consistent in your version of the accident and don’t hastily accept any claim settlement or admit fault at the scene.

7. Do not drive your car if it might be unsafe because of the damage.

8. Report your accident immediately to your insurance agent or company. They’ll tell you what to do next.

9. Cooperate with your agent and insurance company. You’ll find they are as interested as you are in making sure you get treated fairly and that your inconvenience is kept to a minimum.

10. When looking for a body shop to do the repairs choose one that you have confidence in. Select a shop that will give you quality work at a fair price. We encourage you to call us here at Stetner Auto Body.

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