General Information

At the Washington State Department of Licensing site you can renew your driver’s license or vehicle tabs, report a sale, find a licensing office and much more.

At the King County Sheriff Accident Reports page you’ll find information on how to contact the Records Unit to obtain a copy of your police report.

The Washington State Insurance Commission page has answers to your questions about doing business with auto insurance companies and body shops.

Certified First Network’s site has a glossary of auto body repair terms. Of course we’re happy to explain any of the terms that we use when talking to you about your repair job, but this page gives you definitions of every term that you might encounter during those discussions.

In_Case_of_Accident_guide in pdf format. We suggest that you download and print this guide to keep in your glove compartment as a reminder of what to do if you are in a collison.

Accident_Information_Form in pdf format. We suggest that you also download and print this form and keep it in your glove compartment to help you collect all the necessary information in the event of an accident.

The certification section of our About Us page contains links to the various organizations that we are affiliated with which assure you of our integrity and professionalism.


The site is an excellent resource for safety information and more general topics pertaining to the vehicles that we drive.

The Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety site is full of information pertaining to government laws and policies that affect safety on the road.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has vehicle ratings, safety facts and current events in the auto industry. is a good resource for families with teenage drivers.

The Washington State Senior Driver Accident Prevention program web page contains links and contact information for Washington State Department of Licensing certified to present senior driver accident prevention courses. Taking such a course may entitle a driver to receive a reduction in their insurance premium.

Buying a Car

At the Carfax site you can order a vehicle history report on a used car that you are considering for purchase.

At the site you can research and price new and used cars for free.

The Green Vehicle Guide is presented by the Weather Channel. Your vehicle has an impact on the environment and your wallet. Here you can find ratings for any given model’s global warming and pollution impacts, as well as its fuel costs.

At the JD Power and Associates site you’ll find consumer-based ratings and awards for cars, boats and more.

The well known guide to used car values can be found online at the Kelly Blue Book site.

Caring for Your Car

The Car Care Council’s web site has helpful information about taking care of you vehicle.

Progressive Insurance has a basic guide to car maintenance.

The site associated with the ever popular Car Talk radio show on NPR,, has a lot of information about vehicle maintenance and a handy way to locate a good mechanic in your area.

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