Stetner Auto Body

At Stetner Auto Body our focus on customer service is evident during every phase of the repair process, from estimate to final delivery. We have some of the most advanced equipment available, enabling us to return your vehicle to factory specifications quickly. Our staff of highly dedicated, well trained professionals have two primary goals: an undetectable repair and a satisfied customer.

Your locally owned Seattle Washington area Collision Repair Specialists for over 40 Years!

Auto Body Repair Seattle

Getting into a car accident is a reality every driver faces, and not only does it cause costly repairs and potential injuries; it also leaves you without a vehicle for as long as it takes to get your car fixed. This is why Stetner Auto Body is dedicated to providing the most high-quality, affordable, and time friendly auto body repair in Seattle. We work our best to get your repairs done correctly and get your car back to you faster.

With over 40 years of experience in providing the top auto body repairs in Seattle, Stetner Auto Body understands your vehicle. Our highly skilled and trained technicians have performed some of the best auto body repairs in Seattle and the surrounding areas and know exactly how to get the job done right the first time. We want our customers to feel like family and that is why we make it a priority to offer the highest quality service every time you come through our door.

What sets us apart from other Auto Body Repairs in Seattle?

At Stetner Auto Body, we are not satisfied with just mediocre repairs. Instead of offering you the minimum service and generic parts for prices that seem lower than you would expect, we take the time to go the extra mile to ensure that the auto body repairs our customers receive are long-lasting, genuine, and covered by a lifetime limited warranty (contact us for warranty details). We always strive to raise the bar and provide the most outstanding auto body repairs in Seattle.

We also offer a full range of services to make every vehicle as perfect as possible, despite its previous condition. Some of these services include:

Whether your car is in need of serious repairs or just a professional paint job to freshen up its exterior, Stetner Auto Body is the best auto body repair shop in Seattle.

Quality Repairs- Inside and Out

Although the condition of your car’s exterior is a concern we will certainly address, we understand that the damage from a collision or other accident can extend to important interior parts such as the frame, alignment, and many other things found in the center of the vehicle. We value our customers and guarantee to make all our repairs as extensive as they need to be to return your vehicle to you in pristine condition. After the auto body repair has been completed, we’ll go even a step further to attend to every cosmetic detail, cleaning the car inside and out to give ensure its returned to you and you know you made the right choice for auto body repairs in Seattle.

Total Transformation

What is the result of all this care? In essence, you receive a total transformation of your vehicle, from post-collision problems to road-ready repair. Come visit our family here at Stetner Auto Body Repair in Seattle and let us show you what true service really is!

Body Shop

Here's where the "heavy lifting" on your repair job is done, if necessary. Depending on the extent of the damage we may have to straighten the frame, do some welding, replace essential parts, recharge the air conditioner or perform an alignment, among many other possibilities. Whatever is required, you can depend on our I-Car certified technicians to be trained in up-to-date techniques using our state of the art equipment.

Paint Finishing Shop

Once your car has been returned to factory specifications with the body panels once again smooth, the next step is to repaint the affected areas. Our PPG trained finishing experts apply a coat of rust inhibiting primer and then use our computer controlled PPG paint mixing system to achieve a perfect match with your car's existing paint. For the best possible finishing job we have a separate paint cut-in room.